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I am an adventurer, always seeking new discoveries and stories.

I thrive when I am creating and sharing experiences.

It is what led me to travel the world developing cultural experiences for kids, what drew me to a barren desert in the Sierra Nevada and pushed me to curate one of the top speaker series in the world.

This website highlights some of the work I have been lucky enough to take part in.

I hope you enjoy it.




In December 2011 I was having coffee with a friend and we started taking about our favourite TED Talks. She mentioned she had a friend who was the co-chair of TEDxToronto and I was dumbfounded that I didn’t know Toronto was hosting TED Talks. I told her I needed and in and she set up a meeting with then co-chair Satish Kanwar, former co-founder of the digital design firm Jet Cooper, now Shopify.

When I met with Satish I brought a list of ten people, who were mostly friends and people I admired that I felt would rock the TEDxToronto stage. Satish asked me what area of the organization I would most like to work in and I said programming.

I wanted to find talented, curious and adventurous speakers that would exemplify the brilliance that is Toronto. I am happy to say that two of the speakers I presented in that meeting ended up on the TED stage that year. Ariel Garten and Carlyle Jansen. 

While coaching and managing speakers I was also asked to head up our performance line up and recruited world-renowned electric violinist Dr. Draw and dance powerhouse Gadfly. I am now responsible for curating all performances and tech demos and I love it!



More to come…………


Television shows I have produced.









My Burning Man adventures.

burning-man-aerial-photos-Tim AldissPhoto Credit: Tim Aldiss


Curating TEDxBlackRockCity.

TEDxBRC (george dvorsky)Photo Credit: George Dvorsky, www.sentientdevelopments.com

What people have said…..

Darius Bashar, Co-Chair, TEDxToronto:  “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jen. She is a consummate professional. One of the most resourceful and enthusiastic people I have worked with. She brings a “Get It Done” attitude to the job everyday and is the person you want on your side when you hit that inevitable bump in the road. Her immense background in TV/film production definitely comes in hand as she knows the right buttons to push to get the absolute best out of her team. Jen is a great asset to have on your side and I look forward to working with her again.”

Sarah James, Funny Bunny Films: “I’ve known and worked with Jen for many years. She is a brilliant and tenacious negotiator at any task she is set to. She excels at finding innovative, creative ways to problem solve whether it be finding the perfect shooting location or marketing and publicizing a specific event or product.  I can count on Jen’s strong work ethic, integrity and friendly communication style. She’s charming, smart and she genuinely cares about delivering the very best.”

Neil St. Clair, Owner, Sassafras Films: “Whenever I need help on a project, the absolute first producer I call is Jennifer Polyzotis.  Whether it’s arranging locations, hiring and supervising cast and crew, or doing on-camera interviews, Jennifer always delivers.  She’s smart, friendly, and incredibly resourceful.  Clients and crew love her and no project is ever too big or too last minute.”

Rob Bolton, Digital Marketing at Warner Music Canada: “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jen for many years and working with her directly at Iceberg Media. She is a dedicated, knowledgeable media professional with a great passion for her work and is someone I highly recommend.”

Keith Greco, Greco Décor: “Jen is one of those people you can rely on to get the job done. She took care of production managing the build for Cirque du Soleil’s sets at the Toronto Luminato Festival in 2009 so I could concentrate on the overall artistic look. Her ability to lead and organize a crew is truly remarkable and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

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